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Justin McKeown giving keynote at Ducati

Faster, Higher, Stronger 

Every individual and team can break through to their next level of performance. And our mission is to enable this positive change. This is why we established Mission Group.   

We facilitate experiences that help leaders, teams and individual contributors: focus; challenge assumptions; uncover solutions. Importantly we develop both the mindsets and skills needed for elite performance. 

 Our specialism is delivering highly interactive experiences on Leader, Team Development and Communications for corporate, public sector and not-for-profit organisations across the UK, EMEA, APAC and North America.

  • We are expert trainers, facilitators, practitioners, who bring real life experience from different sectors and perspectives.
  • Using a variety of tools including: EverythingDiSC™; Whole Brain Thinking™ ( HBDI); Values in Action (VIA); and Five Behaviours of Cohesive Teams® , we help people use insights to transform the way they work.
  • Our unique approach ensures engaging, dynamic and thought-provoking sessions – where enjoyment is compulsory! [No one is ever bored or thinks they have heard it all before.]

If you want to break through to your next level of performance, let’s talk.

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Teamwork = competitive advantage

Not finance, not strategy, not technology... teamwork is the ultimate competitive advantage, because it is both powerful and rare. We strengthen teams.

Relationships deliver results

Efficient is not the same as effective. Investing in high trust relationships will save time, money and energy. We measure and improve trust.

Companies don't have ideas

Only people do! The more complex the challenges, the greater the need for diversity of thought. Creating psychological safety is key. But how?

Communication = connection

High energy communication matters most to team success. But there are so many barriers! Cultural, behavioural traits, faulty assumptions. Our experts revolutionise understanding and strengthen relationships.



Team Development

Silo working destroys synergy. Our proven frameworks help build unusual levels of trust, allowing teams to collaborate on shared results.

Leader Development

Managing people is the most complex career challenge. Our experts help new or experienced leaders adopt vital mindsets and skills for better success in leading people.   

Executive Coaching

Elite athletes rely on coaches for continuous improvement. We're your external eyes and ears. Supportive and challenging, we're in your corner.

Keynote Speaking

Inspiring keynotes with surprising insights, interactively delivered to engage every audience. Subjects incl: The Paradox of Safe Risk; The Listening Leader; Competitive Collaboration.

Offsites & Workshops

From 3-day retreats to half-day workshops, these unforgettable experiences develop the mindsets and crucial human skills needed for greater success.

Profiling Tools

We are certified to use the best scientifically validated assessment tools to provide insights and measurable metrics for high impact for both individuals and teams. 

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Principles in Practice

  • All
  • Teams
  • Leaders
  • Coaching
  • Keynotes
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Insights through engaging activities


Paul Barnard holding a mug

Powerful executive coaching


Highly interactive conferences, workshops & keynotes 


Everything DiSC® Authorised Partner

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Strengths-based leadership development


Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team

Develop worldclass teams


Justin McKeown as Podcast guest speaker with Amex

Sought-after expertise


Award Trophy from Sabre

Award-winning experts in #1 skill for team and career success


Justin McKeown infront of a class of business leaders

Talent Development Programmes (all levels)


Deepen trust, raise effectiveness remotely


Tap into collective intelligence


Helping teams find solutions


Course Workbook

Learning designed for impact, embedding marginal gains



Justin McKeown at Amex delivering Keynote

Energising your audience


Workshops for teams of all sizes



One is never too small a number. We teach Marginal Gains: small yet significant improvements lead to monumental results. Each individual who makes a breakthrough influences others.


participants inspired through extremely interactive experiences (including workshops, conferences and keynotes).


client organisations including corporates, public sector and not-for-profits.  


countries we've worked in - across the UK, EMEA, APAC and North America. Understanding culture is crucial, and we can help. 


minutes that change lives in SpeedCoaching or Executive Coaching sessions.

Xenia Christopoulou

Xenia Christopoulou, International Strategy & Insight

American Express

Justin is an exceptional motivational speaker and trainer. I had the privilege to attend one of his speeches at an annual company event. His charisma, manner, knowledge and passion captivated an audience of 500+! No small feat to obtain such great level of engagement on a technical topic, ( right after lunch!). We left his speech energised, ready to think outside the box and our comfort zones and a newfound zest for our professions!

Gian Marco Pizzuti

Gian Marco Pizzuti, Area Vice President


Mission Group run outstanding people management courses for senior managers. I had heard great things about the training, but reality surpassed my imagination! Highly recommended.

David Burdon

David Burdon, Creative Director


Mission Group provided training to my rapidly growing design team. We found the sessions hugely enjoyable and insightful. We grew as a team - and the training was a catalyst for significant progress. I continue to reflect on the insights gained.

Alberto Bullani

Alberto Bullani, Area VP SEMEA


I’ve attended many trainings in my career but Mission Group’s was by far the most inspirational and impactful. It led me to think a lot. All the things I learned have blown my mind – and given me a different vision of my work life.

Davitha Tiller

Davitha Tiller, EVP, Social & Integration

Red Havas US

The two-day experience inspired me to re-evaluate my leadership style and make some fundamental changes as a result. I now feel set up for success. So, thank you for teaching me to 'challenge my assumptions' amongst many other new healthy leadership habits! Highly recommended.

Joe Murray

Joe Murray, Talent Development

Prime Minister’s Office/Cabinet Office

A heartfelt THANK YOU for all your expertise, energy and enthusiasm. I've crunched the evaluation numbers and 100% rated the session as ‘excellent/good’ - with people wanting to put things into practice. All pretty amazing!

Richard Pedley, Talent Development Lead

Fidelity International

The most skilled coaches and facilitators I have seen. The session was the most enjoyable and enlightening leadership sessions I have been on. I learnt a lot and hope to work with Mission Group again in the near future.


connect our people with your people

Paul Barnard

Paul Barnard

Debbie Brasier

Debbie Brasier

Justin McKeown

Justin McKeown

Ruth Stewart

Ruth Stewart



where you need us


20 Wenlock Road, London N1 7GU


+44 (0)20 7043 3422

We go where you invite us. And that means just about everywhere! We deliver interactive sessions, conferences and keynotes in more than 35 countries across the UK, EMEA, APAC and the US. We work with clients who believe what we believe: purpose is always about people. This includes corporate, governments, public sector, as well as not-for-profit and charities.

World Map with red dots in countries where Mission have worked

People will always be a company's most important, valuable and powerful asset. But relationships are also the most complex, confusing and challenging aspect of any organisation. In other words, everyone needs what we offer. This is why we work with such a wide range of sectors, such as: arts, charity, construction, education, finance, manufacturing, military, medical, retail, and technology.